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Training & Workshops


BFA Acting, Syracuse University 

Producing Artistic Director: Timothy Bond; Chair: Ralph Zito

The Arielle Tepper Semester New York, NY

James Calleri, David Caparelliotis, Charles Tuthill, Louis Colaianni, Lisa Nicholas

'Sorkin Week' in Los Angeles Syracuse University

Aaron Sorkin, Timothy Davis-Reed, Joan L. Adler

The Sanford Meisner Studio Burbank, CA

Alex Taylor

Master Classes

Kathleen Turner, Frank Langella, Andrew Wade,

Alaine Alldaffer, Sam Pinkleton

Awards & Recognitions

The Friar's Award (Syracuse University)              

Outstanding Student of Drama

New Hampshire Theatre Award Nomination     

Best Supporting Actress (The Admirable Crichton)

National Youth Theatre Award                                

Best Supporting Actress in California (RENT)

CAPPIE Award (Orange County, CA)                      

Best Supporting Actress (A Streetcar Named Desire)

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